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The Hot Bananas are a four piece rock band from the magical wonderland of Manchester Macclesfield

The Hot Bananas mission is to make some of the best original music within a 10-12 mile radius of Macclesfield town hall. Through their music they like to deal with pressing current issues such as bees, girls, satan, badgers and also garden furniture.

If you've never heard them before then check out the music page or for those of you who need something "very visual" then try the videos

Musical works in progress will be released on this website, so you should be hearing the fellows "shifting through the shades" live in the studio. The current shade is "black".

The music is one thing, the stage performance is a wonder to behold. Many an audience has been shocked at the sheer energy, the exquisite costumery and the pure grace of movement.

They said it would never be perfect, so instead I present to you "The Hot Bananas"

The Hot Bananas - click to see this big




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